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BOISE -- Rodney Lee Seiber is back in the Ada County Jail on a $100,000 bond after Nampa Police arrested him on outstanding warrants early Thursday morning. Seiber is charged with escape, kidnapping, and robbery. He was picked up when police looked up his records during a disturbance call.

Seiber has escaped custody three times in the last year and was most recently known to be in a coma with life-threatening illness in November. According to KTVB's previous reporting, during his medical issues, he was released from custody, though charges remained.

In September 2013, Nampa police say Seiber was being investigated for burglaries in the area. They found him at a home near a Norco facility on Nampa-Caldwell Boulevard, but he ran away.

Police say Seiber threatened a worker and stole a van, later dodging Canyon County authorities by running into a corn field. Officers believe Seiber then went on the run to Montana with an 18-year-old woman. He was arrested in Big Horn County, Montana.

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As private security transported him back to Idaho, Seiber escaped for a third time, when the security team allowed him to use the restroom at the Stage Stop off I-84. After about a half hour, Seiber walked out from some bushes and turned himself in.

A month later, Seiber's family told KTVB Seiber had become ill while in jail and was fighting for his life in a hospital.

Records now show Ada County warrants for Seiber's arrest were made active in February 2014, and he was picked up in Nampa Thursday morning when a woman called in a "disturbance". Police say they hadn't been actively looking for him.

"We stopped prosecuting on several charges months ago because of his medical condition. And last we knew he was in the hospital and on life support, so everyone kind of forgot about him. Our detective division notified prosecutors to look at his charges now that he's back in the community," Nampa Police Sergeant Joe Ramirez said.

Ramirez says a woman called police early Thursday morning complaining that Seiber was trespassing. The home police were called to was the same home they were initially looking for Seiber at back in September 2013.

According to Ramirez, one of the officers on duty Thursday morning noticed Seiber's name and realized he was associated with a variety of criminal allegations.

"One of our patrol sergeants recognized the name... when they got out there he put two and two together," Ramirez said.

Seiber was initially taken to the Canyon County Jail and transported to the Ada County Jail later in the day for booking. He remains in jail.

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