BOISE -- A woman who was shot last month in an unsolved attack that killed her boyfriend and another man in Boise said in an emotional court hearing Thursday she had met the killer before.

She took the stand with her arm in a sling to recount what led up to the shots that killed Elliot Bailey and Travontae Calloway in an Orchard Street home last month. At the prosecutor's urging, she also pointed out Samari Winn, who was accused of leading the killer to her door.


It was Calloway's 27th birthday, and he planned to celebrate with a night out on the town. Bailey, Calloway's close friend came over to the home he shared with his girlfriend. Winn, known to the trio as "Russ," also came over, bringing Calloway a bottle of 1800 tequila as a gift.

The woman said Winn goaded the other two into going with him to a strip club later that night, then said he had to go home to change his clothes. A cab driver who picked him up from the home said he heard Winn tell someone over the phone, "relax, I'm on my way."

Bailey and Calloway continued their celebration.

Calloway's girlfriend called for a pizza as the men watched the NFL draft. They broke out the bottle of tequila - Winn's gift - and took a shot.

Then the doorbell rang.


The woman thought the pizza had arrived when she opened the door. Instead, she said, Winn was on her doorstep. As she paused in the entryway, a man behind him shoved the door open and stepped inside, pointing a 45 caliber handgun into the living room where the men sat on couches.

As shots rang out, the woman turned and bolted up the stairs. She hadn't yet made it to the second floor when she was hit.

"The gunman turned toward me and he shot and hit my arm," she said. The bullet hit the back of her left arm, exiting through the front and shattering the bone. The woman continued to flee up the stairs, and heard a second bullet whiz by her.

The woman said she cowered on the second floor of the triplex, but the men did not ascend the stairs after her. For two agonizing minutes, the house was still. Then she called out to Bailey and Calloway below.

"I called downstairs, I said 'I've been shot,'" she said. "They didn't respond."

The woman gathered courage and went downstairs holding up her injured arm as blood slid down and soaked her sweatshirt. The shooter was gone, and so was Winn, she said.

She found Calloway and Bailey in the kitchen. Bailey was facedown on the floor near the window. Calloway was near him, shot but still conscious.

"He slid to me, with his hands he dragged his body," the woman said through sobs. He begged her to call 911, and she did. She said she was almost too afraid to open the door when police arrived. All three were rushed to Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center, where Calloway and Bailey died.


At first, the woman told police and dispatchers she didn't know the men who came to her door.

"I was scared for my life," she said. "It had just happened."

After she was stabilized in the hospital, detectives visited her again. This time, she told them Winn had led the man to the door, and that she knew the killer. Winn was arrested the day after the shooting.

In court, the witness described the killer as a heavy-set black man with a beard, who wore a beanie during the shooting. But she said despite the panic of that night's events, she recognized him.

The woman said she had worked with the man on a pot farm near San Jose in California in October. The two spent a week sitting across from each other at a kitchen table in a secluded farmhouse in the forest, working as "trimmers." The witness said she and the man were responsible for cutting the leaves of the marijuana plants and putting them into bags.

She said he spoke in a deep voice, with an East Coast accent, but never told her his name. Winn's defense attorney, Randall Barnum, expressed skepticism, asking how she spent a week in close quarter with someone, but never asked who he was. The witness said the subject just never came up.

She said Calloway, who was also involved with the grow operation, took her to California. Her boyfriend and the pot trimmer had friends in common, she said, but she didn't believe they knew each other well.

Still, she is certain the man with a gun is the same person she worked with last fall. She said she recognized him because he had "the same look, the same coldness in his eyes."

The killer is still at large.


Prosecutor Shelley Akamatsu called other witnesses to the stand, including a neighbor who said she saw two men park a white cargo van with a distinctive dent around the corner from Calloway's home, before hearing gunshots. Akamatsu said investigators discovered the van belongs to Winn's roommate.

Another man was watching TV when he heard what he thought were fireworks going off.

Matthew Jamison described the sounds as a series of "pops." He said he spotted two people wearing dark hoodies running from the direction of Calloway's house.

Jamison said he thought they were kids playing a prank until the pair ran beneath a street light and he saw they were men.

The men got into a white van, he said, and sped away.


Judge Theresa Gardunia ordered Winn's case to be moved to district court. He is charged with two counts of aiding and abetting murder and one count of aiding and abetting attempted murder. He is set for arraignment June 12 in front of Judge Lynn Norton.

NOTE: KTVB typically does not release the names of victims of violent crime.

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