BOISE - Two young boys are in hot water after breaking into Lake Hazel Middle School Tuesday night.

The boys, ages 11 and 12, used a rock to smash a classroom window and entered the school just before 10 p.m. A motion alarm was set off shortly after the boys entered.

There were three other boys at the school who were not actively involved in the break-in and left after hearing the alarm.

When deputies arrived, they found three boys nearby. Two of them confessed to breaking the window and going into the school — to get a drink of water.

A parent of one of the boys arrived at the school looking for one of the boys. Both boys admitted to what they did and apologized. They were released to the custody of their parents after talking with deputies.

The only damage done to the school was the broken window.

Ada County Juvenile prosecutors will review the case and decide if the two boys will be charged with crimes, which may include misdemeanor malicious injury to property and unlawful entry.

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