Running is a funny thing. It can lift you to the highest level and beat you down to the lowest you've ever been, both mentally and physically. I began long distance running because it builds fitness and increases your overall health.

I am so happy to be a part of the FitOne challenge and KTVB's all new Team 7, formerly the 7 Sister's team. As an exercise enthusiast and Channel 7 employee for years, I have always envied the women that get to celebrate this event. It is an awesome and powerful gathering. This year, I have the joy of experiencing it firsthand as a participant.

Long distance running came into my life about five years ago. Up to that point, I had been an athlete who ran to stay in shape. However, I knew I needed more of a challenge. On the advice of a friend, I began long distance running. One mile turned into two. Two turned into three. Before I knew it, I was running five miles a day. I was proud of my accomplishments and bragged to another friend who was not nearly as impressed. He pushed me to run more. That led me to sign up and run my first half marathon.

It wasn't easy. But when I did it, I realized an insatiable desire to run more. So I did. I ran another half and another. I will keep on running until the desire to run no longer exists, which I doubt will happen.

On September 20th, I will run FitOne. With eight weeks to train, I haven't decided whether I will attempt the 5K, the 10K, or the half. I'll be honest; I haven't been training like I should, but I am confident that I can accomplish the FitOne, no matter the distance. My plan is to kick start my training by running again with my dog. He is the best partner out there because he can endure even the longest run, and he wouldn't even care. I plan to eat well; oatmeal with fruit and honey is a huge booster. In a few weeks, I will decide the appropriate length. A 5K might turn into a 10K, and that may progress to another half marathon.

That's the great thing about running. Before you know it, you are doing what you never thought was possible. And then you do it again and again. All of a sudden, you have run over a half dozen solo races and four or five team events, and you don't even remember what it was like before you became a runner. I challenge you to join me on KTVB's Team 7 on September 20th. Whether it's your first race or your 15th, we can tackle the FitOne Challenge together. If you'd like to run with me, I've included a quick link to join Team 7, click here.

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