EAGLE -- Students at Eagle Middle School are going the extra mile to help out one of their classmates -- they've raised more than $3,300 to help buy a special bicycle for her.

We first brought you Meghan Wildman's inspirational story last June. The 13-year-old was paralyzed in a car accident last year. At the time, Meghan's dance teacher made her dream to dance again possible, helping her to learn to dance in a wheelchair.

In addition to dancing, Meghan also loved bike riding, but hasn't been able to since her accident. Her friends at school decided to change that.

Seventy-eight National Honors Society students organized Miles for Meghan - a rally to raise the money to buy her an adaptive hand cycle.

In the last year, Meghan has been doing a lot of physical therapy to get stronger.

It was a really hard year, really hard, said Meghan's mom, Trina Holley Wagoner. We've actually taken a turn toward hope.

Hope that Meghan will walk again with the help of braces.

Her family is overwhelmed by the show of support from Eagle Middle School.

It's actually really big to us, said Trina. This is really going to open up some family things that we can do together that we haven't been able to do.

Megan is really looking forward to riding again.

It's really cool because I've never really done something like this, she said. Just riding with my family and going everywhere like we used to.

In all, the students raised $3,382 dollars and Meghan should have her hand cycle in the next few weeks.

We actually wanted our goal to be $2,500, which is enough for a basic bike, but now that we've raised money we are able to get her a better bike plus some accessories, said teacher Caya Snethen. She wants a basket.

Meghan s family still needs a small bike trailer and hitch to transport the bike. If you d like to donate, you can drop off a check to Eagle Middle School, made out to Miles for Meghan .

Organizers want to thank AdVenture Camp and Boise Adaptive Bike Program for allowing the use of a hand cycle for the bike rally, and Gameface Athletics for making the shirts worn by participants.

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