BOISE -- Civic and business leaders in the City of Trees gathered Thursday to spread the message that businesses are doing great things to reduce pollution and energy use in the City, but more needs to be done.

The U.S. Green Building Council held a press conference highlighting what many Boise businesses are already doing to increase their sustainability.

The Boise Centre, Republic Services, the Owyhee and CSHQA are reducing their carbon footprint by investing in efficient lighting, heating, and cooling, making recycling easy, and digitizing information, among other things.

John Maulin, the vice president at CSHQA, a design firm, said they used new energy-efficient ideas when they build their very-own building, which is where the press conference was.

Maulin also goes onto say that business leaders need to think about the future. We shouldn't be near-sighted, we should be far-sighted. We should be paying attention to what's going on for our next generations, and it doesn't matter if you believe or disbelieve on how energy is. The idea is that it is limited. So, we need to find different and better ways to achieve that, and that's what this building was aimed at.

Those assembled also said making your business more sustainable and environmentally friendly is good for the bottom line.

That's achieved by not only saving on energy costs, but also, creating a positive image of your business.

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