BOISE One day after Body Renew Fitness abruptly shut its doors, many people expressed concern about the closure and the money they recently paid for membership dues and maintenance.

The timing of the closure is raising questions. Some say the closure was planned to come just days after the company withdrew annual maintenance fees, fees that could be as high as $245,000.

On Wednesday, many of the roughly 7,000 members of Body Renew Fitness were shocked that the company suddenly locked its doors.

The owner says the five gyms in the Treasure Valley were no longer financially viable.

As people reach out for anyone and everyone trying to get answers, some complaints have made their way to the Idaho Attorney General's Office.

We're starting to get complaints, said Deputy Attorney General Brett DeLange. If they feel like they've been misled, they can certainly file a complaint with us.

For most members, their contract will let them know if they will get their membership dues back.

Body Renew gave KTVB a copy of a member contract. In it there is a provision that says members will get a full refund if the company goes out of business and does not provide an alternative location within eight miles of the original location.

Body Renew has worked with several gyms, including Idaho Fitness Factory and Johnny s Fit Club, that have agreed to take on their members.

Body Renew s owner, Dakota Routh, told KTVB Wednesday that he will know better on Monday or Tuesday of next week whether members will receive any sort of a refund.

In the meantime, people can contact their banks.

We've already started the process with a couple of our members, so we're happy to do that. We can do everything that we can to help that process along for our members, said Laura Smith, public relations manager with Idaho Central Credit Union.

But there's something else that has members frustrated, the annual facility improvement fees. Those fees came out just days before Body Renew closed the gyms.

Those fees were $20 to $35 per member (depending on when they signed up). All total it could be as much as $245,000.

Many who reached out to KTVB questioned the timing.

Well, that's bothersome isn't it? asked KTVB.

Well, it is to us, said DeLange.

DeLange won't say if they've launched an investigation into the complaints they've received. But they do want to talk to former employees about the timing.

People have a right to be frustrated and upset, but we're at a point where it's too difficult to say definitively say, 'Here's how it's going to play out,' said DeLange.

So short answer people will get their money back...maybe? asked KTVB.

Maybe. Maybe, said DeLange. I don't think it does anyone any good to create false expectations.

The AG's office wants to hear from people who have information about the timing of the closure or feel Body Renew violated their contract.

Those complaints have to be made in writing. We have a link to that form here. Here s another link to their consumer protection page.

KTVB also obtained an email from Body Renew to its members. Here it is in its entirety.

Body Renew Fitness Closing

July 9th, 2014

Dear (member name),

On July 9th, 2014, Body Renew Fitness closed it doors.

It brings great sadness that we must announce we have closed our doors for the final time.

Body Renew Fitness would like to thank every person that has been a member of our facilities over the last 6 years. As many of you know it was an incredibly difficult decision to shut our doors of the fitness clubs.

We know that everyone has a lot of questions. We will try to layout as much as we can in this letter.

1. Members that have not been billed prior to July 8th will not be billed at all by Body Renew Fitness moving forward. We have cancelled all accounts with our billing company.

2. Members that were billed on July 9th will noticed that the transaction will fall off their account within the next few days.

3. Members that have already been billed (and that are paying monthly) between July 1st and July 8th may use their membership at one of the following facilities at no charge to them.

Idaho Fitness Factory has agreed to allow ALL Body Renew members access to any of their facilities until Aug 31st at no charge to you. You just need to walk into an Idaho Fitness Factory with your Key Fob and your ID and they will arrange your access.

Idaho Fitness Factory has 3 locations in the Treasure Valley and have proven that they are a stand up fitness facility. You may contact them directly or walk into any of their facilities and they will arrange your no charge membership until Aug 31st. Their memberships are approximately $14.99 a month after August 31st.

208.297.7949 - Fairview Ave.
208.908.6468 - Franklin Rd.
208.995.2922 - State St

Johnny's Fit Club is a dynamic fitness company with the tools you need to get in shape. Johnny's Fit Club has agreed to honor your rate with Body Renew Fitness and you will pay nothing to get started. They are incredibly close to the Vista Ave location and offer a 12,000 sq foot facility with Group Exercise Classes, Boot Camps, Kids Club and is also open 24 hours a day.
Stop by Johnny's Fit Club at 3658 Findley Ave, Boise, ID 83705 or contact them by phone at 208.570.0413.

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