BOISE -- For a little girl, being a part of the Girl Scouts is a great opportunity to learn and grow.

Now, girls with special needs here in the Treasure Valley have that chance too, thanks to a dedicated mom who started a unique troop in 2012.

Cassandra Campbell is the leader of troop, which is the only one of its kind in the local Girl Scouts of Silver Sage.

My little girls are all special needs so we're considered an adaptive troop, said Campbell. We're made up of first grade through fourth grade girls.

Campbell was inspired to start the troop by her younger daughter Rebekah, who has autism. She's been a part of this troop from the very beginning.

If my daughter needed it, I knew she had several other little friends that could benefit from the troop as well, said Campbell.

She was right about the need. Other girls quickly signed up to be apart of the troop.

Every girl her age should have opportunities like this, said Thad Petersen, whose daughter Rebekah is a troop member. And the fact that they are focusing on special needs girls it's even a better opportunity.

Ultimately, the troop is not much different that other troops in the area.

We take part in everything that a typical girl scout troop will do, said Campbell. We have to have ways to modify the activities to fit our needs.

Campbell works hard to adapt the Girl Scout curriculum - even the famous cookie sales - and she says she's seen a big difference in the girls already.

Girl Scouts give them a chance to try new things, giving them confidence.

This gives them that safe environment to be who they are, said Campbell. These girls are the ones who are picked on or not accepted by their peers, and this gives them such a great opportunity to be accepted and be encouraged to grow.

This is the second year for the troop, and Campbell says with help from other volunteers, she plans to keep it going.

I guess to me, giving my child the opportunity to do Girl Scouts an opportunity I didn't think she'd get to do, and in the meantime I get to mentor a whole bunch of other little girls.

There is also a Silver Sage troop for 4th to 9th grade girls with special needs too.

To find out more about these troops, or to get involved, call Girl Scouts of Silver Sage at 377-2011. You can also read more the program here.

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