BOISE -- A major shake up is coming to rehab patients in the Treasure Valley.

For decades Elks Rehab Systems has cared for patients, but as of September 30, that will change.

The facility is closing which means jobs are going to be terminated and no longer will Elks be in our community.

The Idaho Department of Labor is preparing to help 516 employees that will be losing their jobs.

Those with Elks Rehab say they are experiencing financial and operational challenges in today's health care environment, but a spokesperson with St. Luke's says that they plan to open a rehab center of their own in the fall in the same building as the Elks facility. They plan to take in more than 80 percent of those employees impacted by this closing.

KTVB reached out to Elks Rehab for comment but officials declined to go on camera and instead issued a statement:

As the major state project of the Idaho State Elks Association, we take great pride in the Elks Rehab System. Today's health care environment is becoming increasingly complex. As with many in our industry, the Elks Rehab System is experiencing significant financial and operational challenges that require us to face difficult decisions about our future. The Idaho State Elks Association, along with the leadership of the Elks Rehab System have been exploring ways we can ensure our community has continued access to high-quality rehabilitation services. As part of that process, we have reached out to St. Luke's, our long-term joint venture partner. It is important to note that what we are considering is not an acquisition, merger, expanded partnership or an affiliation between the two independent organizations. We recently shared these discussions with our employees to be transparent and minimize as much uncertainty as possible. These efforts remain in progress and we will continue to work through the details, share progress with our lodge members and employees, and ultimately come to a decision about how the Idaho State Elks Association will support quality rehabilitation services in our community. Our efforts are ongoing and we will, of course, share any final decisions with our employees and the community at an appropriate time.

Employees were notified in a letter Thursday. The letter thanked them for their hard work and dedication, but informed the employees that their last day on payroll will be September 30.

St. Luke's officials say a new rehab facility will be a sound expansion for their healthcare program.

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