BOISE -- A Boise pastor imprisoned in Iran is facing death threats from his fellow inmates because of his Christian faith, according to The American Center for Law and Justice.

The group reports Pastor Saeed Abedini has told family members ISIS militants detained with him in the Rajai Shahr prison are targeting him.

Abedini said the militants have told other prisoners they plan to kill him.

The ISIS fighters are held in a different part of the prison than the pastor, but share space in the prison yard during inmates' hour-long exercise periods. ACLJ reports Abedini has been electing to stay in his cell during the exercise period since he learned of the threats.

The American pastor has also received threats from al Qaeda members inside the prison, who attempted to attack him, according to the ACLJ.

Abedini, who made several visits to Iran to set up house churches, has been imprisoned for two years. His family and supporters contend he was arrested because of his religion.

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