BOISE - A photo of newly crowned Miss Idaho 2014 is getting a lot of attention across the country and around the world.

It shows 20-year-old Sierra Sandison, who is diabetic, wearing her insulin pump on her bikini during the swimsuit competition.

Sierra posted the picture and it went viral, causing a social media frenzy.

She says she was initially nervous about wearing her pump on the first night of the Miss Idaho 2014 competition earlier this month.

"Right before I went on stage, our Miss Idaho Outstanding Preteen, McCall Salinas, said 'hey, is that an insulin pump you're hooked to?' And I was like 'oh no! Everyone is going to notice.'

Salinas is also diabetic.

"She told me she didn't have a pump because she felt self-conscious, and she didn't want to get one because she didn't want to look weird," said Sierra.

After seeing Sierra wear her pump with pride, Salinas said she wanted one too.

"Hearing that, I didn't even care about winning Miss Idaho or winning the crown, I was like WOW, I just made a difference in someone's life. That's all that matters."

Sierra says she too was inspired by someone - Nicole Johnson, who was Miss USA 1999.

"She wore her insulin pump on the Miss America stage when she competed and won, so she was really an inspiration to me to to get a pump in the first place," said Sierra. "When I won Miss Idaho, I messaged her and said 'oh my goodness Nicole! I won! I'm going to Miss America with my pump.'"

Johnson is going to Atlantic City in September to be there to support Sandison.

After the win, Sierra posted a picture of herself wearing her pump on social media.

That's when the frenzy began. Inspired by the photo, thousands of diabetics around the world starting posting their own photos with the hashtag #showmeyourpump.

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And the media has caught on. Sandison has been inundated with interview requests from the likes of People Magazine, The Today Show, as well as some international news outlets like the BBC.

"There's been stuff in Australia, Italy, I've gotten messages from people in over 20 countries," said Sierra. "I just really hope I continue to have this voice. Just the power to spread awareness and give kids confidence."

That now famous insulin pump will be on display big time at the Miss America competition in September.

"We're designing my wardrobe so I can show it the entire time, or as much as possible," said Sierra. "I'd love to be Idaho's first Miss America."

But Sierra is already a winner, because of the impact she is having on the diabetic community worldwide.

Sierra's platform isn't diabetes awareness, it's actually possibilities for disabilities. She and her sister organize sports camps for kids with disabilities.

Now she says she can champion both causes.

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