PORTLAND -- A man accused in a pair of gruesome robberies and a carjacking faced a Multnomah County judge Tuesday afternoon.

Andrey Khukhryanskiy was stealing a bicycle from a Portland man s yard when the man confronted him and Khukhryanskiy sliced the man s stomach open with a knife, police said.

The victim was kneeling in the driveway holding his bowels from a large gaping wound in his abdomen, according to a probable cause affidavit filed in Multnomah County Circuit Court Tuesday.

The victim s roommate was able to identify Khukhryanskiy as the suspect, the document shows.

Police said Khukhryanskiy also stole a pickup truck Monday and attacked the owner who tried to stop him. The carjacking victim suffered a head wound and was hospitalized.

Officers found the truck about a half mile away and a K-9 found Khukhryanskiy. He continued to fight with police until they deployed two Tasers and took him into custody, the arresting officers reported.

Police later learned that Khukhryanskiy had also carjacked a Volvo before he stole the pickup truck. The victim in that incident was not injured.

Khukhryanskiy was arraigned Tuesday on multiple assault, robbery and unauthorized use of a vehicle charges.

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