ENTIAT, Wash. -- Fire crews working to contain the Mills Canyon fire, which is burning on 34 square miles, are keeping close check of the sky.

The National Weather Service says thunderstorms with dry lightning and high winds are expected to move into the area around 8 p.m.

The Wenatchee Valley area is under a red flag warning, which means any lightning that strikes the ground has a 95% chance of igniting a fire.

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Only two weeks ago it was all nice and green, Jim Surber said. Now it's black everywhere.

Surber is building a cabin at the top of Mill's Canyon. He planned to pass the property to his children.

Now his legacy has turned into a chance to learn.

A lesson in the book, Surber said.

The Mills Canyon fire is 25% contained and covers a little less than 22,000 acres.

Residents of several dozen homes have been told to evacuate, while another 500 homeowners have been warned they will need to leave if the fire gets closer to their property.

More than 700 firefighters are on the ground near Entiat, assisted by eight helicopters. The crews are concentrating on the north and south lines.

In every direction around Surber's property, charred black trees lie like toothpicks in charred black brush.

In some spots, wood still burns.

Airplanes dropping fire retardant likely saved Surber's cabin.

All he lost was a four-wheeler.

It looks like the residual of what Hell would look like, he said.

No people have been injured in the fire, but two small sheds or outbuildings have been burned, Steblina said spokesman Vladimir Steblina of the Pacific Northwest Incident Management Team.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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