BOISE -- Idaho Senator Jim Risch is again putting pressure on his colleagues when it comes to the release of Boise Pastor Saeed Abedini of Boise and two other Americans who remain imprisoned in Iran.

During a hearing, Risch addressed the Under Secretary for Political Affairs at the State Department about the situation.

"Do me a favor, do the American people a favor, and do the Abedini family a favor: tell them next time you're not going to give them any more unless they cut these 3 people loose," he said."I can almost guarantee they are going to do that, you're talking about billions of dollars. We are talking about 3 people that we really need out of prisons in Iran."

Pastor Saeed is accused of establishing Christian house churches in Iran. He's been imprisoned there for nearly two years.

His family maintains that did nothing wrong and is imprisoned simply because of his Christian faith.

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