BOISE - Borah High School senior brothers DeVaughn and Dorian Sapien participated in Greco-Roman wrestling Junior Nationals this past month in Fargo, North Dakota,

Wrestlers from all over the country competed for national titles.

Both DeVaughn and Dorian competed in the Junior 113 division. DeVaughn described Nationals as "loud, intense, fun, lots of yelling.

"My experience was great. I saw and wrestled outstanding wrestlers, I was just ready to go and win the championship," Dorian said.

Dorian defeated Corbin Nirschl of Bonner Springs, Kansas in a 12 - 6 decision, earning him the title of Junior Greco-Roman National Champion.

"At the end of the match you get your hand raised, it's the greatest feeling you will ever get," Dorian said. "It's just a fun sport you truly never know what's going to happen in the match."

Dorian hopes more kids will join wrestling and set goals to be a national champion.

However, DeVaughn's tournament got cut short. He suffered a broken left arm in the second round against Brenden Baker of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. DeVaughn was winning the match when Baker went for an arm spin and ended up catching DeVaughn's wrist after trying to pull away.

"My arm hit the mat right in front of my face and I watched my arm break," DeVaughn said.

Even though he was no longer able to compete due to his injury, he was able to watch other wrestler's mistakes so he could later perfect those moves and incorporate them into his wrestling techniques on a national level and high school level.

Dorian did not know DeVaughn suffered a broken arm, because he had a match at the same time.

"I was shocked I couldn't believe, like, it wasn't real and it bummed me out big time," Dorian said.

Dorian added that his brother has pushed him and trained with him so he can go farther and be a better wrestler.

The duo will continue their wrestling careers at Borah High School. They say competing on the national level has given them more techniques to incorporate into their wrestling at the high school level.

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