Boise State offensive coordinator Mike Sanford listed it as the second most important position battle on offense going into fall camp.

"Who is our third receiver," Sanford pondered, adding he wants to identify "who our playmakers are."

Senior Matt Miller and junior Shane Williams-Rhodes are the two obvious pieces. Miller set the single-season school record with 88 catches in 2013 and William-Rhodes was not far behind. His 7.0 catches per game last fall ranked 15th in the NCAA.

"I mean, three is always better than two," Williams-Rhodes said with a smile when talking about the position battle beside him.

"If we can have another guy out there making plays, it's good. It helps the team," he continued.

Boise State has options - some with experience, some without.

Senior Dallas Burroughs and junior Troy Ware fall under the former.

Burroughs has played in 38 of Boise State's 39 games over the last three season, however, he's caught just 15 passes over the span.

Ware seems to be trending in the correct direction. He caught a career-high 10 passes for 107 yards and two touchdowns in 2013 - but many are still anticipating his breakthrough.

Then there are the youngsters. Thomas Sperbeck, D.J. Dean and Chaz Anderson, who moves from cornerback to wide receiver, have all drawn praise a different times from different people.

"Thomas is playing good football," said wide receivers coach Junior Adams.

"D.J. Dean and Chaz (Anderson) are the underclassmen who I think are stepping up," added Williams-Rhodes.

With a number of other guys pushing for playing time as well, although the question of 'who' still lingers, no one doubts the desire of those involved in the competition.

"It's crazy in the receiver room. It's seems like every day someone is stepping up," Williams-Rhodes said.

"It's a marathon, not a sprint," Adams continued. "We've still got time and we've got some scrimmage situations coming up."

Adams added, "We're going to play the best three. Or the best two or the best four."

"Whoever gets the position is going to deserve it," Williams-Rhodes predicted with a confident grin.

"I wish all of them the best of luck."



Former cornerback is Chaz-itioning well

Williams-Rhodes said that Anderson is making a smooth tradition from defense to offense.

"I know, on defense, it was a little bit harder for him," Williams-Rhodes said. "Offensively, (Anderson) said, it's much easier. It makes more sense to him."

Williams-Rhodes has been one of the main guys helping facilitate Anderson's transition as well.

"I help him a lot because, even out of football, we're really close," Williams-Rhdoes explained. "If he's out there with me, I try to kind of help him out, help him get aligned and stuff like that. He likes it way better on offense."

"Pound-for-Pound" Champ

Williams-Rhodes said that he earned the title of being the strongest pound-for-pound player on the team.

"My legs have always been pretty strong," Williams-Rhodes said. "On this team, I was the pound-for-pound strongest man this year, which I was grateful for. With our new coaches -- Pit and Marks - I feel like we've all gotten stronger. I think that's going to show this year on the field."

Williams-Rhodes, who is only 5-foot-6, 163-pounds, said he can bench 270-pounds and squat 500-pounds.

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Q: What type of receiver is D.J. Dean?

A: "I feel like D.J. is all-around - he's a smart guy, he's going to give 100 percent every play. He's one of the hardest workers in the receiver room."

Q: What did you work on in the off-season to get better?

A: "Route running, which would help me with being a better traditional receiver. I feel like so far from the summer, I've gotten better at it. I feel really good. I feel like I get better each day during fall camp."

Q: After being so involved in the offense in 2013, do you think you'll play a similar role in 2014?

A: "I hope. I don't know yet. We won't figure it out until we start game-planning for Ole Miss. But I hope that's how it is."

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